Living the Law of Attraction –

30 days to Conscious Creation

You’ve probably heard about The Law of Attraction, and you may have even used it with ad hoc results, but what if there was a way of learning how to REALLY work with energy and intention to help you to create amazing results in a life that you love?

Maybe you are looking at this because you want more money, a bigger house, the car or the relationship of your dreams……or maybe you want to finally start to play the game of life with more success on all fronts.

Whatever it is that you want to improve The Law of Attraction can support you in making incredible positive changes in your life, I know because I have lived it.

I have been through hard times and lessons that nearly stopped me in my tracks.

I’ve almost given up on myself and my dreams in order to “make do” with the life I had….

I’ve clawed my way through a divorce, financial challenges, a four year illness and my business being closed down overnight. There’s more, but for now I want you to know that I found a way through it, and that I want to share what I learned because it totally changed my life.

In just 2 years my life is unrecognisable in all ways.

I live somewhere I love, my business is thriving and my flow of abundance has opened up on all levels. I wake up grateful and excited about what the day has to offer, and I LOVE teaching others how to do the same!

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then I wrote this program for YOU.

If you have been asking the Universe for help, then Here It Is!


Would you love to experience more Flow in your Stream of Abundance?

Want to get rid of the drama and experiences that weigh you down?

Do you want more income?

Do you want more moments of synchronicity and universal sign posting?

Do you want to move your life from ordinary to extraordinary?

Are you sick of settling for a substandard life?

Do you want an awesome relationship?

Would you love to have more joy and happiness?

Can you imagine being able to draw in energetically experiences that match your desires?

Would you love to have more of what you want and less of what you don’t?

In this extraordinary 30 day program you will learn:

 – What is Law of Attraction and how it can help you.

 – Feeling your way to success.

 – What’s in your Sh1t Cart?

– Step up your Vibration.

– Allowing & Resistance.

– Paradoxical Intent & Self Sabotage.

– The Journey to Conscious Creation.

– It’s not all Woo-Woo!

All in pre-recorded videos so you can dip in and out at your own pace and fit them in with your own schedule.

AND I am including 4 mind programming tracks that will help you to change your subconscious patterns and harness the power of your mind to open up your Flow and create the magnificent life you deserve.

Unfortunately, The Doors Are Closed At The Moment
But Will Re-Open in 2015 –
Be The First To Know…

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